The preliminary program for Wednesday, Dec. 14th, 2016, is proposed below.

   Wednesday, Dec 14th, 2016 Program

title="IEEE CloudCom 2016 Program for Wednesday, December 14th, 2016"

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 | 11:00am - 12:15pm

Session 4A: Architecture and Virtualization III
Room: Vianden/Wiltz, Chair: Thomas Hacker

  1. Paper 46
    Optimizing Virtual Machine Consolidation in Virtualized Datacenters Using Resource Sensitivity
    by: Robayet Nasim, Javid Taheri and Andreas Kassler.
  2. Paper 37
    Location Based Cloud Resource Management for Analyzing Real-Time Video from Globally Distributed Network Cameras
    by: Anup Mohan, Ahmed Kaseb, Yung-Hsiang Lu and Thomas Hacker.
  3. Paper 34
    A Configurable Energy Aware Resource Management Technique for Optimization of Performance and Energy Consumption on Clouds
    by: Adam Gregory and Shikharesh Majumdar.

Session 4B: Cloud Services and Applications III
Room: Fischbach, Chair: Chunming Rong

  1. Paper 101
    CloudFC: Files Clustering For Storage Space Optimization in Clouds
    by: Haythem Yahyaoui and Samir Moalla.
  2. Paper 191
    Generalized Inter-Cloud Structured Data Sharing
    by: Malek Athamnah and Krishna Kant.
  3. Paper 26
    Proactive Data Placement for Surveillance Video Processing in Heterogeneous Cluster
    by: Haitao Zhang, Bin Xu, Jin Yan, Lujie Liu and Huadong Ma.

Session 4C: HPC in/with the Cloud
Room: Diekirch/Echternach, Chair: Sebastien Varrette

  1. Paper 199
    Game Theory-Based Nonlinear Bandwidth Pricing for Congestion Control in Cloud Networks
    by: Abouzar Ghavami, Zhuozhao Li and Haiying Shen.
  2. Paper 190
    Metaheuristic approaches to multiobjective job scheduling in cloud computing systems
    by: Jakub Gasior and Franciszek Seredynski.
  3. Paper 86
    Towards a Cloud Based Decision Support System for Solarmap generation
    by: Nabil Abdennadher.

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 | 16:00 - 17:15pm

Session 5A: Architecture and Virtualization IV
Room: Vianden/Wiltz, Chair: Rafael Mayo-Garcia

  1. Paper 12
    HARENS: Hardware Accelerated Redundancy Elimination in Network Systems
    by: Kelu Diao, Ioannis Papapanagiotou and Thomas Hacker.
  2. Paper 3
    A Fresh Perspective on Total Cost of Ownership Models for Flash Storage in Datacenters
    by: Zhengyu Yang, Manu Awasthi, Mrinmoy Ghosh and Ningfang Mi.
  3. Paper 92
    Dynamic Block Partitioning Strategy for Cloud-backed File Systems
    by: Lung Hsiang Chung and Jerry Chou.

Session 5B: Cloud Services and Applications IV
Room: Fischbach, Chair: Kittichai Lavangnananda

  1. Paper 111
    Efficiency Analysis of Provisioning Microservices
    by: Hamzeh Khazaei, Cornel Barna, Nasim Beigi-Mohammadi and Marin Litoiu.
  2. Paper 167
    Dynamic Deployment of Scientific Workflows in the Cloud using Container Virtualization
    by: Rawaa Qasha, Jacek Cala and Paul Watson.
  3. Paper 168
    Defining an Ontological Framework for Modelling Policies in Cloud Environments
    by: Simeon Veloudis and Iraklis Paraskakis.

Session 5C: Distributed Cloud / Cloud Brokering / Edge Computing I
Room: Diekirch/Echternach, Chair: Andrei Tchernykh

  1. Paper 85
    A Hybrid Deduplication for Secure and Efficient Data Outsourcing in Fog Computing
    by: Dongyoung Koo, Youngjoo Shin, Joobeom Yun and Junbeom Hur.
  2. Paper 61
    Performance Analysis of Object Store Systems in a Fog/Edge Computing Infrastructures
    by: Bastien Confais, Adrien Lebre and BenoƮt Parrein.
  3. Paper 89
    DRASH: A Data Replication-Aware Scheduler in Geo-distributed Data Centers
    by: Moise Wendkuuni Convolbo, Jerry Chou and Yeh-Ching Chung.
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