The preliminary program for Tuesday, Dec. 13th, 2016, is proposed below.

   Tuesday, Dec 13th, 2016 Program

title="IEEE CloudCom 2016 Program for Tuesday, December 13th, 2016"

Tuesday is the first day of the main conference.

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 | 11:00am - 12:15pm

Session 1A: Architecture and Virtualization I
Room: Vianden/Wiltz, Chair: Javid Taheri

  1. Paper 188
    Goodbye to Fixed Bandwidth Reservation: Job Scheduling with Elastic Bandwidth Reservation in Clouds
    by: Haiying Shen, Lei Yu, Liuhua Chen and Zhuozhao Li.
  2. Paper 96
    Disaggregated FPGAs: Network Performance Comparison against Bare-Metal Servers, Virtual Machines and Linux Containers
    by: Jagath Weerasinghe, Francois Abel, Christoph Hagleitner and Andreas Herkersdorf.
  3. Paper 184
    Failure-Resilient Routing for Server-Centric Data Center Networks with Random Topologies
    by: Ye Yu and Chen Qian.

Session 1B: Cloud Services and Applications I
Room: Fischbach, Chair: Joanna Kolodziej

  1. Paper 91
    Service Performance Pattern Analysis and Prediction of Commercially Available Cloud Providers
    by: Shyam S. Wagle, Mateusz Guzek and Pascal Bouvry.
  2. Paper 100
    CloudTax: A CloudSim-Extension for Simulating Tax Systems on Cloud Markets
    by: Benedikt Pittl, Werner Mach and Erich Schikuta.
  3. Paper 60
    Towards a Cost-Optimized Cloud Application Placement Tool
    by: Olivier Belli, Charles Loomis and Nabil Abdennadher.

Session 1C: IoT and Mobile on Cloud
Room: Diekirch/Echternach, Chair: Jiannong Cao

  1. Paper 22
    Nested Buddy System: A New Block Address Allocation Scheme for ISPs and IaaS Providers
    by: Michael Crouse and H.T. Kung.
  2. Paper 163
    Towards Green Transportation: Fast Vehicle Velocity Optimization for Fuel Efficiency
    by: Chenxi Qiu, Haiying Shen, Ankur Sarker, Vivekgautham Soundararaj, Mac Devine and Egan Ford.
  3. Paper 15
    Device-Level IoT with Virtual I/O Device Interconnection
    by: Jun Suzuki, Akira Tsuji, Yuki Hayashi, Masaki Kan and Shinya Miyakawa. .

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 | 14:30 - 15:30pm

Posters and Demos Session
Room: Conference Lobby, Chair: Xavier Besseron

  1. Paper 245
    A Demo of IoT Healthcare Application Provisioning in Hybrid Cloud/Fog Environment
    by: Ons Bibani, Carla Mouradian, Sami Yangui, Roch Glitho, Walid Gaaloul, Nejib Ben Hadj-Alouane, Monique Morrow and Paul Polakos.
  2. Paper 233
    Cloud4IoT: a heterogeneous, distributed and autonomic cloud platform for the IoT
    by: Daniele Pizzolli, Giuseppe Cossu, Daniele Santoro, Luca Capra, Charalampos Doukas, Corentin Dupont, Francesco De Pellegrini, Fabio Antonelli and Silvio Cretti.
  3. Paper 241
    TCRM: Telco Cloud Resource Management Using Real-time Data Analysis
    by: Wei Zhou.
  4. Paper 229
    SEED: Enabling Serverless and Efficient Encrypted Deduplication for Cloud Storage
    by: Youngjoo Shin, Dongyoung Koo, Joobeom Yun and Junbeom Hur.
  5. Paper 236
    NDN-based Pub/Sub System for Scalable IoT Cloud
    by: Sungwon Han and Honguk Woo.
  6. Paper 246
    Performance Prediction of Memory Access Intensive Apps with Delay Insertion: A Vision
    by: Soramichi Akiyama, Takahiro Hirofuchi and Hirotaka Ogawa.

Session 2C: Short Papers I
Room: Diekirch/Echternach, Chair: Alban Rousset

  1. Paper 250
    Variability management in Infrastructure as a Service
    by: Ateeq Khan, Johannes Hintsch, Klaus Turowski and Gunter Saake.
  2. Paper 52
    Deadline-aware Energy Management in Data Centers
    by: Cengis Hasan and Zygmunt J. Haas.
  3. Paper 240
    Using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to Improve Power Efficiency in Grinfy System
    by: Abdallah Ali Zainelabden Abdallah Ibrahim, Dzmitry Kliazovich, Pascal Bouvry and Ariel Oleksiak.
  4. Paper 247
    A Pub/Sub-Based Fog Computing Architecture for Internet-of-Vehicles
    by: Sejin Chun, Sangjin Shin, Seungmin Seo, Sungkwang Eom, Jooik Jung and Kyong-Ho Lee.

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 | 16:00 - 17:15pm

Session 3A: Architecture and Virtualization II
Room: Vianden/Wiltz, Chair: Roberto Canonico

  1. Paper 170
    Design and Analysis of Deadline and Budget Constrained Autoscaling (DBCA) Algorithm for 5G Mobile Networks
    by: Tuan Phung-Duc, Yi Ren, Jyh-Cheng Chen and Zheng-Wei Yu.
  2. Paper 157
    Instance Type Selection in Proactive Horizontal Auto-Scaling
    by: Fábio Morais, Raquel Lopes and Francisco Brasileiro.
  3. Paper 211
    Dependency-aware and Resource-efficient Scheduling for Heterogeneous Jobs in Clouds
    by: Jinwei Liu and Haiying Shen.

Session 3B: Cloud Services and Applications II
Room: Fischbach, Chair: Sergio Nesmachnow

  1. Paper 152
    Algorithms for Optimising Heterogeneous Cloud Virtual Machine Clusters
    by: Long Thai, Blesson Varghese and Adam Barker.
  2. Paper 171
    QWatch: Detecting and Locating QoE anomaly for VoD in the Cloud
    by: Chen Wang, Hyong Kim and Ricardo Morla.
  3. Paper 183
    Semantic Aware Online Detection of Resource Anomalies on the Cloud
    by: Arnamoy Bhattacharyya, Ali Jokar, Stelios Sotiriadis and Cristiana Amza.

Session 3C: Big Data
Room: Diekirch/Echternach, Chair: Martin Theobald

  1. Paper 205
    Re-designing CNTK Deep Learning Framework on Modern GPU Enabled Clusters
    by: Dip Sankar Banerjee, Khaled Hamidouche and Dhabaleswar Panda.
  2. Paper 203
    Designing Virtualization-aware and Automatic Topology Detection Schemes for Accelerating Hadoop on SR-IOV-enabled Clouds
    by: Shashank Gugnani, Xiaoyi Lu and Dhabaleswar Panda.
  3. Paper 56
    Exploring Controlled RDF Distribution
    by: Raqueline R. M. Penteado, Rebeca Schroeder and Carmem Hara.
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