The preliminary program for the Track 4: Big Data is depicted below:

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 | 16:00 - 17:15pm

Session 3C: Big Data
Room: Diekirch/Echternach, Chair: Martin Theobald

  1. Paper 205
    Re-designing CNTK Deep Learning Framework on Modern GPU Enabled Clusters
    by: Dip Sankar Banerjee, Khaled Hamidouche and Dhabaleswar Panda.
  2. Paper 203
    Designing Virtualization-aware and Automatic Topology Detection Schemes for Accelerating Hadoop on SR-IOV-enabled Clouds
    by: Shashank Gugnani, Xiaoyi Lu and Dhabaleswar Panda.
  3. Paper 56
    Exploring Controlled RDF Distribution
    by: Raqueline R. M. Penteado, Rebeca Schroeder and Carmem Hara.
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